The Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
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Teaching Tools: the Museum Collection at Alfred

image of permanent collection

Teaching Tools: the Museum Collection at Alfred, featured highlights from the diverse permanent collection of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum at Alfred. The ceramics gifted, purchased, or bequeathed to Alfred become the hands-on teaching tools of the faculty and the students alike. More than eighty objects from the permanent collection were on display including selected pottery of the Ancient Americas from the Krevolin Collection, highlights from the Corsaw Collection of Functional American Ceramics, examples from Alfred's unique M.F.A. Gloryhole Collection, tiles, sculpture, European dinnerware from the Wesp Collection, examples of glass from the Silverman Collection, ceramics created by visiting artists, Asian ceramics from the Chow Collection (Chinese), and Fox Collection (Korean), Japanese ceramics by Rosanjin, art pottery including pieces by George Ohr and Van Briggle, ancient Roman and Byzantine lamps, early American earthenware and stoneware, contemporary American ceramics, and technical ceramics. While the focus of the permanent collection is targeted at American studio pottery from 1900 to the present, the diverse collection of historical, worldwide contemporary, and technical ceramics, places the Alfred focus in perspective and in the appropriate context. Teaching Tools is presented to illustrate the types of collections available for the use of the Alfred ceramics faculty, who were featured in the recent special exhibition, Alfred Teaches Ceramics, 1900-1996.
image of permanent collection
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